Neverest Road Pro premier mixed team takes out 18-hour Dark Side Championships, while Trekking Veritas Tri Adventure claims 12-hour Dawn Attack event…

MTB_Tunnel_2016_18hrChamps_woodford_600x400BRISBANE—It was a banner race for the team of Neverest Road Pro this past weekend in Woodford, just 1.5 hours north of Brisbane, as the four-person premier mixed team of Danielle Evans, Kirk Jackson, Todd Valance and Gary Palmer took first in the Mountain Designs Adventure Race Australia (ARA) 18-hour Dark Side Championships.

The team finished the race, which consists of multiple legs of mountain biking (up to 70km), trail running (up to 40km), paddling (up to 15km) and other adventure disciplines, in a time of 13 hours 16 minutes 35 seconds, just ahead of Rogue Tiger (Jodie Willett, Liam St Pierre, Ray Deetlefs and Darren Smith) in second with a time of 13:16:57 and team Mountain Designs (Kim Beckinsale, Cass Kimlin, Michaella Trigg and Alex Austin) in third (15:24:04).

In a surprise start at midnight in the drizzling rain, teams boarded buses to a mystery location in bushland in Landsborough with the words "The Light Will Guide You". Teams then had a chase up the trail following a vehicle donned in flashing lights leading to a steep trek to the top of a radio tower where they received instructions for the first leg of the event, a mystery trek of up to 10k to collect 4 of 5 check points.
podium_18hr_2After this teams headed for a night paddle on Coochin Creek, followed by a mountain bike leg in Beerburrum State Forest. After crossing through tunnels to cross the Bruce Hwy & Railway it was into the western portion of the course as teams headed to TA 22 for an surprise orienteering leg (In2Adventure Style..)

Teams threw a 6 on the giant dice to start the challenge of Monopoly-O before planning a strategic route to collect properties, utilities and making a choice to collect the 'Chance' check point for a 15 minute bonus. After this it was a back to HQ for a thrilling sprint finish in both the 18hr and 12hr event.

PADDLE_2016_18hrChamps_Woodford_600x400In the all-male category, Tiger Adventure (Michael Gardiner, Tim Williams, Angus Martin and Luke Riverstone) claimed top honours (20:14:49) ahead of Eye of the Tiger (Nic Droste, Craig Wright, Ben Murphy and Martin Pavelka) in second (20:46:35) and Tiger Stew (Daniel Sleswick, Maxence Bugnot, Keith Wilson and Vince McKillop) in third (24:11:56).

In the 12-hour Dawn Attack, which featured a shortened Dark Side course, including 40km of mountain biking, 20km of trail running and 10km of paddling, Trekking Veritas Tri Adventure (Linda Thompson and John Wevers) took first in the mixed category (6:37:32). Grit & Grot (Andrea Intrapaiboon) took second (7:49:10) ahead of Tri Adventure AR (Abbey Anderson and Rick Anderson) in third (8:00:45).

In the all-female division, Tri Adventure Girls (Jan Leverton and Gina Dundson) topped the podium (6:39:05) ahead of Giddy Up Girls (Mandy Caldwell an Jen Ferguson) in second (8:01:11) and No Regrets (Jo Holgate and Nadine Lucas) in third (10:01:34). Team Mixed Nuts (Peter Abra and Darryn Kimlin) won the hotly contested all-male division in a time of 8:05, with Abbott & Chow (Jake Bowles and Mitchell Connaughton) in second (8:08:44) and Outer Limits (Reyn Watson and Sam Giblet) in third (8:09:37).
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Photo Credits: Pip Perske

Southern Highlands NSW Mother Nature turned on her charm for the Mountain Designs Adventure Race Australia NSW / ACT Championships on Sunday, 20 March.

FINISH-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belangle-Winners-2-600x400More than 100 adventure race enthusiasts enjoyed a day filled with kilometres of mountain biking and trekking throughout Belanglo State Forest in the stunning Southern Highlands located halfway between Sydney and Canberra.

The Hardcore race featured up to 25km of mountain biking and 10km of trail running / trekking, as well as adventure legs consisting of rope challenges and a giant slingshot all while navigating using map and compass.

ROPE-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belanglo-LS-600x400Team Jog On (Pippa and Jo Lyon) took first in the premier mixed team with a time of 3 hours 20 minutes 22 seconds, which was more than a minute ahead of Max Adventure (Megan and Gary Farebrother).

Live Adventure (Lisa Antill and Kat Cassidy) topped the women’s podium (3:36:44) while Belrose Bicycles (Chad and Ryan Armstrong) claimed the men’s prize and overall line honours in a blistering time of 2:49:53.

SMILE-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belanglo-male-RUN-600x400In the Raw category, which features a shorter course with less challenging navigation and terrain, Team Eddowes & Kevin Thorogood took first (2:35:30) in the mixed team field, while Team Barry (Michelle Barry & Siobhan Wong) was the first all-women’s team (2:40:33) and the Macca Bros (Andrew McLachlan & James McLachlan) were the first all-men’s team (1:46:25).

Michael Ridley-Smith won the solo division (1:32:41), and Team McNelly (Michelle McAuliffe & Narelle Quigley) claimed the rookie Explore course in a time of 4:26:57.

SMILE-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belanglo-fem-LS-600x400TOP 3 RESULTS

Hardcore NSW/ACT

Premier Mixed:

Jog On (Pippa Lyon & Jo Lyon), 3:20:22

Max Adventure (Megan Farebrother & Gary Farebrother), 3:21:26

Lifestyle (Lisa Krummer & Luke Parkes), 3:30:27


Belrose Bicycles (Chad Armstrong & Ryan Armstrong), 2:49:53

SMILE-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belanglo-RUN-600x400Dez & Shaun (Shaun Martin & Derryn Knife), 3:35:30

CDSS1 (Craig Shortt & Andy Harr), 3:39:03


Live Adventure (Lisa Antill & Kat Cassidy), 3:36:44

The Two Pink Ladies (Lynette Brigden & Vicki Humpherson), 3:40:49

Rover Scouts 1 (Heather Porter & Rose Stevens), 5:44:49

MTB-2016-MDARA-NSW-Belanglo-male-LS-600x400Raw & Explore NSW/ACT

Raw Mixed

Team Eddowes & Kevin Thorogood, 2:35:30

Chalea (Chas Ruffles & Leanne Rayner), 2:38:34

Team Thomson (Michael Thomson & Marika Thomson), 2:44:35

Raw Female

Team Barry (Michelle Barry & Siobhan Wong), 2:40:33
Jonads (Jo Holgate & Nadine Lucas), 3:04:55

Raw Male

Macca Bros (Andrew McLachlan & James McLachlan), 1:46:25

Team Star (Matthew Bufston & Dale Stephenson), 1:49:59

Beach Boys (Daniel Fernandez & Harry Dodson), 3:04:46


Team McNelly (Michelle McAuliffe & Narelle Quigley), 4:26:57


Michael Ridley-Smith, 1:32:41

Roland Wright, 1:35:32

Stephen Bertram, 2:45:57

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Photo Credits: Tom Testone and Lisa Matuzelis

ARA-Team-Smile-Female20th March 2016, Mountain Designs Adventure Race Australia heads to New South Wales, situated midway between Sydney and Canberra this is an excellent opportunity to get out in the bush with your mates for a day of adventure and some fun along the way.

With three courses on offer, if you're new to adventure racing try your hand at the 'Raw Course'or  if you don't like the idea of navigating with a map and compass the 'Explore Course' . The Raw & Explore course include approximately 5km's of trail running, 10km's of mountain biking plus some adventure challenges thrown in as a surprise as you tackle this cross country course.

Navigation in the Raw Course is fairly basic and if you choose the Explore Course you get to use a GPS to find your way around the course. Find out more about the 'Course' here: Event Info.


Know what your doing with a Map and Compass? Then the 'HardCore Course' is for you with up to 25km's of mountain biking, 10km's of trail running plus adventure challenges along the way to spice up the adventure as you navigate cross country through the bush.

Thanks to Mountain Designs we've got some great prizes on offer with a chance for everyone to win, so come on out for a day of adventure in the bush with your mates and try something different for a change.

Checkout the sort of things you can expect from Adventure Race Australia in the video  below.

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