Sunday 24 October 2021
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Dirt Master
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47.5k | 28.5k | 9.5k | FREE Kids Mud Rats


Sunshine Coast, Qld


Summer 240/270


  • 47.5k
  • 28.5k
  • 9.5k
  • + FREE Kids Mud Rats Bike

The Sunshine Coast XC MTB Festival is hosted in conjunction with the TreX Cross Triathlon | Sunshine Coast which together make up an action packed weekend of off road events for the entire family.

The course is a heart pumping lap that dives in and out of the ferned rainforest with flowing single track trails within Beerwah State Forest on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam. Choose to go hardcore with the 47.5k or 28.5k or go hard in the 9.5k sprint.

Time Table

47.5k EVENT
6:30am47.5k | REGISTRATION OPEN | 1
6:45am47.5k | Late On Line Entries Closed
7:10am47.5k | REGISTRATION CLOSED | 1
7:15am47.5k | Course & Safety Brief - All 47.5k Riders must attend
7:30am47.5km | START
28.5k & 9.5k EVENT
7:45am28.5k & 9.5k | REGISTRATION OPEN | 2
8:15am28.5k & 9.5k | Late On Line Entries Closed
8:45am28.5k & 9.5k REGISTRATION CLOSED | 2
8:45am28.5k and 9.5k | Course & Safety Brief - All 28.5k Riders must attend
9:00am28.5km | START
9:15am9.5km | START
10:30amKids Mud Rats | Check In Open
*11:30pmPRESENTATIONS | Dirt Master, 47.5k, 28.5k & 9.5k XC MTB
12:30pmEvent Close




Event Hub


Steve Irwin Way


Qld, 4550

Venue Entry is from Steve Irwin Way

Venue Map

Venue Map



As the area has been opened specifically for the event, SEQ Water (the land managers) have advised that there is No Camping, No Open Fires and No BBQ’s permitted at the event.

Stay tuned for full catering details coming soon



Race HQ is based at the old Ewen Maddock Dam Camp on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam.

Facilities at the race venue include:

  • Beach & Swimming in the dam
  • Portable Toilets
  • Limited drinking Water on site – please ensure you bring sufficient water along to the event site
  • Catering – full details coming soon

As the area has been opened specifically for the event the land managers have advised that there is No Camping, No Open Fires and No BBQ’s permitted.

Parking & Road Closures


Parking on site at the venue is limited and can include a walk up to 400m to Race HQ.  We encourage all participants to car pool wherever possible to keep the number of vehicles to a minimum.



Domestic Pets

At In2Adventure we love our fur kids too, however, SEQ Water and Qld Parks and Wildlife DO NOT permit domestic pets in the Race HQ venue or anywhere on the course, so please leave your pets safe at home to avoid being asked to leave the event site.

Certified Assistance Animals

Some companion animals are trained to provide assistance to people with a disability to help alleviate the effect of that disability. These assistance animals are not pets. They provide an important service that helps people to more fully participate in personal and public life activities with more confidence and independence.

  • Please see the Qld National Parks Policy on Assistance Animals here.
  • Please see seqwater policy on domestic pets here.
  • Human Rights Commission Guidelines on Assistance Animals here.

Event Details

47.5k EVENT
6:30am47.5k | REGISTRATION OPEN | 1
6:45am47.5k | Late On Line Entries Closed
7:10am47.5k | REGISTRATION CLOSED | 1
7:15am47.5k | Course & Safety Brief - All 47.5k Riders must attend
7:30am47.5km | START
28.5k & 9.5k EVENT
7:45am28.5k & 9.5k | REGISTRATION OPEN | 2
8:15am28.5k & 9.5k | Late On Line Entries Closed
8:45am28.5k & 9.5k REGISTRATION CLOSED | 2
8:45am28.5k and 9.5k | Course & Safety Brief - All 28.5k Riders must attend
9:00am28.5km | START
9:15am9.5km | START
10:30amKids Mud Rats | Check In Open
*11:30pmPRESENTATIONS | Dirt Master, 47.5k, 28.5k & 9.5k XC MTB
12:30pmEvent Close
All athletes are required to register at Race HQ prior to the event at the allocated times.
Please refer to the Event Timetable for registration times.
At Registration
  1. Please bring along a copy of your entry confirmation email to registration.
  2. Line up in the relevant queue at the Race HQ tent.
  3. Advise officials of your name
  4. Check your details on the registration screen.
  5. Collect your race bag.
  6. Collect ties for your race number at the table near the registration desk.
  7. Get ready to Ride!
  • It is a race rule that all participants must have their race number clearly visible on their front handlebars at all times during the event.  This is important as marshals will monitor competitors progress around the course.  Non-compliance will result in penalties
  • Ensure the number is safely secured.  If your number is lost on the course, please report the loss to the Race Director immediately.
  • Participants are not permitted to enter the course without displaying their allocated number.
  • Numbers are not to be cut, altered, disfigured, damaged, covered or obscured in any way. Penalties, disqualification and/or fines will apply in this circumstance.

Riders in the Sunshine Coast MTB Festival are expected to be self-sufficient for the event.

  • Bike helmet that meets Australian Safety Standards
  • Mountain Bike: Ensure that the mountain bike has been serviced and is in good working order and that handle bar ends are solidly plugged
  • Number plate with timing transponder (provided)
  • Suitable clothing to suit the weather conditions on the day.
  • Water bottles | Hydration Pack
  • Drinks, water & nutrition
  • Pump with correct valve connection
  • Bike Shoes (if applicable)
  • Sunglasses / Protective Eyewear: Some sections of the course have some overhanging branches. It is recommended that athletes wear some form of eye protection during the event
  • Hat
  • Sun Lotion
  • Insect Repellent
  • Spare tubes
  • Repair Kit
  • Two big tyre levers
  • Spare Derailleur hanger
  • Multi-tool
  • CO2 adapter
  • Small bottle of lube
  • Two quick-links
  • Spare valve core
  • Cable ties
  • Spokes for special wheels
  • Spare batteries for any bike computers or heart rate monitors.
  • Towel
  • Cash to purchase food and drinks before and after the event
  • Hat
  • Sun Lotion
  • Insect Repellent
  • Chairs to relax in after the event
  • Shelter for shade or in case of bad weather
  • Rubbish Bag: Athletes are requested to take rubbish home with them as there are limited facilities on site.
  • Comfortable riding shorts/pants.
  • Bike Jersey
  • Sunglasses / Protective Eyewear: Some sections of the course have some overhanging branches. It is recommended that athletes wear some form of eye protection during the event
  • Bike Gloves (recommended)
  • Weather can be unpredictable and can change quickly.  Ensure you have some layers that you can put on and remove in changing conditions. This should include a waterproof layer in case of rain.
  • A change of clothes for after the race.
  • It is recommended that you have trained in any clothing that you choose to wear on the day of the race. Trying something new on race day is never a good idea.

Riders are expected to be self-sufficient for the event.  A Feed Zone, where riders can access their own hydration, nutrition, mechanical assistance etc will be signed at Race HQ.  Riders will pass the feed zone at the end of each of the 8.3km laps.

  clif bar

clif bar

Feed your energy at the Sunshine Coast MultiSport Festival with Clif race pack giveaways and special prizes throughout the event.

Find out more: clifbar.com.au

  sc mtb tECH tS


Cooldry Fit Poly Tee

Price: $30

This urban fit tee in Gunmetal Grey is made from JB’s Podium Cool™ moisture wicking fabric.  It is designed to help keep you cool and dry and complies with Standard AS/NZS 4399:1996 for UPF Protection.

This easy care fabric is quick drying and made from 100% Polyester with 160gsm pique knit.

Pick up yours at the event for your next outdoor action adventure.



Pick up your Sunshine Coast MultiSport Festival at the Merch Tent at Race HQ


Presentations are such a special time and we love the opportunity celebrate with our winners.  Please refer to the Event Timetable for estimated presentation times.  Presentations will take place when all, or the majority of athletes have finished the event and therefore the times may be earlier or later than advertised.  Please listen for announcements at Race HQ for times on the day.

Participants are required to be present in person at the presentation ceremony to collect medals and/or prizes


Sunshine Coast MTB Festival offers a $700 cash prize purse for the Elite category.

  • 1st Place Male & Female: $200 cash each
  • 2nd Place Male & Female: $100 cash each
  • 3rd Place Male & Female: $50 cash each

Elite Presentations

Celebrating our elite champions is a very special part of every In2Adventure event .  As such, it is compulsory for Elite podium places (1st, 2nd & 3rd) to attend the presentation ceremonies.  If an elite athlete chooses not to attend the presentation ceremonies they choose to forfeit 20% of their overall cash prize.


1st Place: Winners in each of the age group categories will be presented with a sponsors prize and Medallion

2nd & 3rd Place: 2nd & 3rd place in each of the age group categories will be presented with a Medallion


Spot Prizes: A draw will take place at presentations for spot prizes.  To be eligible for a spot prize:

  • Complete and online survey before the prize giving ceremony; and/or
  • Enter your race number in the draw box at Race HQ.
  • Recipients must be present at the presentation ceremony to be eligible for spot prizes.

To ensure all results, protests, penalties etc are taken into consideration, preliminary results are finalised just prior to presentations.  For this reason no awards, medals or prizes are able to be issued prior to the presentation ceremony.


To collect medals and prizes, recipients are required to be present in person at the presentation ceremony. Unfortunately, due to past circumstances it is not possible to issue medals or prizes to anyone other than the rightful recipient.

If winners are unable to stay for presentations, prizes and medals can be obtained by sending a stamped self addressed envelope (big enough for the size of the medal and/or prize) to the postal address below including the following information:

  • Your name
  • The event
  • Your category
  • Your placing

Please note, it may take up to four weeks for prizes to be sent as they are packed in the event trailer which is transported to various locations across the country and at times cannot be accessed immediately.

Postal Address

In2Adventure Prize Collection: PO Box 2003, Brookside Centre, Qld, 4053



The Course & Safety Brief will take place at Race HQ.  For safety reasons all participants are required to attend the briefing with all equipment ready to start the event. The brief will cover all the information you need to ensure a safe and enjoyable race as well as important information about the course and any changes on the day.

The event will start soon after the Safety Brief is finished.


The event will commence with a La Mans start from Race HQ.

Riders will place their bikes on bike racks located in the transition area and will run/walk approx 150m from the start to their bikes and mount after the designated ‘Mount’ line.  Please follow the instructions of the Race Director at the Start Brief.


All courses will finish under the finish arch at Race HQ


Race Rules

A safe and fair competitive race always includes a few rules and to ensure you can enjoy your race it’s a good idea to have a read of the race rules BEFORE the start of the event.

These rules will be applied by the Race Director and ignorance is not an excuse that can be accepted.



Your safety is a key consideration; however, XC MTB events do involve risk.  Dedicated first aiders are on hand at Race HQ and on the course to assist where necessary.

  1. Stop and assist any competitor that is in need of emergency assistance.
  2. Report any incident to the next available marshal or emergency radio point on the course.
  3. Compete within your abilities.

On the course there are a number of things you can do to assist yourselves and fellow competitors:

  • Slow down in steep or technically challenging areas.
  • Ride on the left hand side of tracks.
  • Compete within your limits.
  • Let common sense and courtesy prevail.  We want to see you safe and sound at the end of the event.

First Aid will be located at Race HQ and at manned check points on the course.  This will be identified at the course briefing.


There are check points on the course, staffed by First Aid Qualified team members. These are marked on the course map at HQ.


In the event of fire or other emergency, follow instructions from event officials.  On the course, marshals will direct you back to the Evacuation Meeting Point at HQ.  Please follow instructions from Emergency Personnel and/or event officials.



In2Adventure has public liability insurance. This DOES NOT cover you as a participant.  If you fall over or hurt yourself, there is no accident cover for you.  In2Adventure strongly recommends that each participant has their own personal accident insurance. Each participant has been required to read & accept the RELEASE & INDEMNITY WAIVER when registering online.


Our event partners have been extremely generous in supporting this event so we can all enjoy the sport we love.  We reciprocate that support and therefore no signage, flyers, promotional banners, promotional tents, branded vehicles, sales, service or trade displays are permitted to be set up within the Race HQ or car parking areas without written authorisation from the event directors.

If you’re not sure if what you are setting up is against this directive, please see the Race Director or Event Director BEFORE setting up for clarification.
We ask all participants to please be respectful of this to avoid being asked to remove tents etc.

Please see the ‘Event Promotion Policy’ displayed on the Policy page.


In2Adventure is committed to maintaining a minimal impact policy that will protect the environment and enable us as individual members of the general public and members of the outdoor community to continue to enjoy the vast natural environment that is Australia’s backyard.  Therefore we ask that competitors read and agree to abide by the Bush Code outlined in our Environmental Policy and ensure that no rubbish, gel packets or wrappers are dropped on the course during the event.

COVID-19 | The New Event Normal

The New Event Normal

COVID-19 has certainly impacted every aspect of our lives, but we can’t wait to get back to doing what we love, getting back to the spectacular destinations we miss, and enjoying the sports we are so passionate about. To do that, it’s going to mean a few changes, because as much as we want to get back to events, we also want to ensure that when we do, that it has a positive outcome for our athletes, our team, our volunteers and the communities where we operate.

That means we’re all going to have to work together to make it happen, and that means a new ‘Event Normal’. Below is a summary of the changes you will see at your next In2Adventure event, including the new ‘Self Support Strategy’. This is all about protecting what is ultimately more important than a sporting event, it’s about staying safe, protecting our health, and being respectful of others and looking after the well-being of our mates.

We know it will be a challenge, but the good thing is that we know our In2Adventure family thrives on a challenge… after all it’s why we all do these tough, mad sports that we do. We thank you all in advance for supporting these initiatives and ultimately protecting the people and the Off Road Sports we love.

It is important to note that these guidelines will be subject to change as the COVID-19 situation continues to develop and change.

COVID-19 Self Support Strategy
Covid Safe Event

The Sunshine Coast Mountain Bike Festival is a Covid Safe Event operating under the Queensland Government Industry Framework for Covid Safe Events.  The event will be conducted under the approved Covid Safe Plan for Outdoor Recreation Activity Providers.




The Sunshine Coast XC MTB Festival is based in the Sunshine Coast’s rainforest hinterland in Ferny Forest on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam. Three course distances are on offer including:

  • 47.5k | 5 x 9.5km laps
  • 28.5k | 3 x 9.5km laps
  • 9.5k | 1 x 9.5km lap

The 9.5km MTB course is an action packed lap that dives in and out of the ferned rainforest with flowing single track trails.  New riders will enjoy the flowing nature of the course, while more experienced riders will love the pinchy climbs, creek crossings, bridges and roll overs. If you’re not too tired to look, you’ll also enjoy the panoramic views across Ewen Maddock Dam along the way.

The course is suitable for those new to mountain biking, but will also challenge those with advanced technical riding skills in a number of sections.



The mud rats is a free, short, fun, non-competitive bike event for our Kids aged 5 to 9 years. If there are any Mud Rats under 5yrs who would like to take part they must be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years of age) around the course.

The course is a short, fun circuit around HQ, usually around 400-800m.

The Mud Rats Bike will take place on Sunday after the main MTB  Event just prior to Prize Giving.


Although this is a free event, participants will be required to register online before the event and complete Parental Consent Form.

After completing the online registration please visit the  Race HQ tent at any time prior to the Mud Rats bike to collect your mud rats tag.



A Feed Zone will be located at Race HQ.

  1. The Feed Zone is an area where athletes can access their own hydration, nutrition and mechanical support during the event.
  2. Hydration/nutrition can be picked up directly by the athlete, OR it may be handed to them by a designated assistant as the athlete passes through the feed zone ONLY.
  3. The Start and End of the feed zone will be clearly signed. Please place feed zone items between this signage only.
  1. Hydration/Nutrition may placed in Feed Zone prior to the event.
  2. The athlete is responsible for collecting the items immediately after the event.

Course Signage

The course will be marked primarily with yellow A4 bike signs.  Bunting and cones will also be used.  Course marshals will be located throughout the course; however, it is the competitor’s responsibility to know the course and take the correct route on the day.

Please note that the course will also be marked with TreX XTri Run signage, XC MTB athletes follow the yellow bike signage.

Overtaking / Passing


Below are the standard overtaking procedures on the mountain bike course.

  1. Keep to the left of the track where possible and allow others to pass.
  2. Walking something you do not feel confident riding is fine! However, please move off the track to allow riders right of way.
  3. When passing, give the person in front a friendly shout to indicate that you wish to pass “Passing when you’re ready”
  4. If being passed, as soon as safe to do so move to the edge of the trail. You may need to ride off the trail to allow the faster rider to pass
  5. You must give track to a rider who wishes to pass, do not deliberately block from overtaking, this is against the rules and contrary to the spirit of the event.
  6. If you aren’t confident or capable of riding off the track to let another rider pass then riders must dismount off the track to allow other riders to pass.
  7. Race hard! But keep it friendly & have a great time doing it!

Sunshine Coast Dirt Master Challenge





AGE: 16YRS +

A highlight of the Sunshine Coast MultiSport Festival are the Dirt Master & Dirt Mistress Titles. Contenders for the title of  Dirt Master and Dirt Mistress will take on two gruelling long course events across two days covering over 68km.   Events include:

  • Saturday AM: TreX Triathlon Sunshine Coast 1500 | 28.5 | 10.5
  • Sunday AM: Sunshine Coast MTB 47k

Each contender that finishes all events will be awarded the title of Dirt Master or Dirt Mistress and receive a Dirt Master Finisher T-Shirt, Finisher Medallion & be inducted into the Dirt Master Hall of Fame.

Mini Dirt Master Challenge


AGE: 14YRS +

Our Mini Dirt Masters and Dirt Mistresses will be challenged with two sprint off road events across two days of action.

It will take a huge amount of guts and determination to take out the Title of Mini Dirt Master or Dirt Mistress with events across two days including:

  • Saturday AM: TreX Triathlon Sunshine Coast | Sprint Course 400 | 9.5 | 3.5
  • Saturday AM: Sunshine Coast MTB | 28km Course

Each contender that finishes all events will be awarded a Mini Dirt Master Finisher Medallion.



AGE: 12 – 15YRS

Here’s something for our young champions of tomorrow with the Junior Dirt Dude Challenge.

It will take a huge amount of guts and determination to take out the Title of Junior Dirt Dude with events across two days covering 14km.   Events include:

  • Saturday AM: TreX Triathlon Sunshine Coast | Junior Course 150 | 4 | 1
  • Saturday AM: Sunshine Coast MTB | 9.5km Course

Each contender that finishes all events will be awarded a Junior Dirt Dude Finisher Medallion.

2021 Contenders
Dirt Master

Stephen Toms, Qld

Peter Gardner, Qld

Marthinus Heunis, Redcliffe Tri Club, Qld

Brodie Gardner, Intune Coaching, Qld

Joel Meddings, Helix Triathlon, Qld

Graham Svensen, Qld

Annkathrin Franzmann, Qld

Charles Henwood, RTC, Qld

Brendan Scanlan, 3D Tri Squad, Qld

Nerida Higgins, Team TRex, Qld

Cameron Dew, Qld

Ryan Lambert, Qld

Wendy Korschenko, Qld

James Leonard, Qld

Cathy Faye, JR’s Gym & Bike, Qld

Bruce Williamson, HBTC, Qld

Troy Crang, Qld

Emily Petty, TZero Multisport, Qld

Samuel Spencer, Qld

Mini Dirt Master

Marsam Amigo, Qld

Simon Roberts, Qld


Junior Dirt Dude

Ethan Lambert, Qld

Lenny Dew, Qld

Chris Dew, Qld

Parker Deutzmann, Caloundra Tri Club, Qld

Travelling to the Sunshine Coast

Getting Here

Getting Here

Ewen Maddock Dam is located just one hour north of Brisbane.


For directions please follow the links below


Race HQ is located at: 

Ewen Maddock Dam

Steve Irwin Way

Landsborough, Sunshine Coast,

QLD, 4550



Stay and play on the Sunshine Coast!

We know how important a good night’s sleep is before an event!  Accommodation on the beautiful Sunshine Coast is renowned around the world for its superb quality, winning locations and incredible variety.

Visit here for  Sunshine Coast accommodation deals.

Car Hire

Car Hire

There is no public transport to the event site and therefore car hire is the best option for making your way to the event.

Car hire is available from Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Airports.

Flights & Transfers

Flights & Transfers

The Sunshine Coast is a safe and popular destination, thanks to its easy access, local airport and proximity to Brisbane.

Find out more about how to get to the Sunshine Coast and recommended travel operators.

Rail & Coach


A rail line connects the region to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the south, and Gympie and beyond to the north, with major stations at Beerwah, Landsborough, Nambour, Cooroy and Gympie North.


Private shuttle and bus services operate from both Sunshine Coast Airport and Brisbane Airport. Intrastate and interstate bus services offer routes to the region, and regular public transport also operates within the region.

Find Out More at visitsunshinecoast.com

Visit Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast

Visiting Queensland’s Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has it all. Enviably positioned, the region is tucked between Brisbane and Fraser Island a natural haven waiting to be explored. From the majestic Glass House Mountains to Coolum Beach, the region includes more than 100 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches, surrounded by the quiet beauty of coastal and hinterland villages.

With exhilarating events that call the Sunshine Coast home, cheering on the competitors or dancing to the Sunshine Coast beat, it’s easy to come to life with thrilling events in natural spaces. There’s also no shortage of outdoor pursuits and back to nature experiences, the Sunshine Coast’s natural beauty will take your breath away.
The rich diversity and enviable beachside culture, wonders of nature, fresh local food and immersive encounters are all in abundance. For travel information and activity ideas, please visit our website

See & do

Things to do on Queensland’s Naturally Refreshing Sunshine Coast

With its golden sunshine, picturesque beaches, stunning hinterland and fresh local food the Sunshine Coast really
does have it all!

During your visit for the Sunshine Coast MultiSport Festival, there’ll never be a shortage of things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast.  With glorious sunny days and warm water most of the year, it’s the ideal place for an extended break. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at these ideas for things to do on the Sunshine Coast.

Landsborough & Hinterland Region

Discover the ancient volcanic peaks of the Glass House Mountains, walk through the lush rainforests, take in the breathtaking scenery – lose yourself in the natural beauty and serenity of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Pack a picnic with delicious local goodies and discover picturesque waterfalls and scenic lookouts from Flaxton, Mapleton, Maleny and Montville, through to the Glass House Mountains, Landsborough and Kenilworth.

Or enjoy true hospitality at charming and elegant cafés or award-winning restaurants with postcard-perfect views. Along the way, explore the unique shops and discover the thriving art trail with unique galleries and studios showcasing local artists and their original works.



Visit Sunshine Coast operates eight accredited Visitor Information Centres for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast tourism industry, businesses, local community and all visitors to the region. Serviced by over 350 dedicated volunteer ambassadors, the centres provide a range of local and regional brochures and information on tours, attractions and accommodation.

The centres are located at: Caloundra, Coolum, Glass House Mountains, Maroochydore, Montville, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast Airport, other locations include: Maleny, Gympie, Noosa, Tewantin and Rainbow Beach.

Contact details for each office can be found HERE.



Beaches, hiking, surfing, fresh local food and world-class events; from relaxation to adventure, Queensland’s naturally refreshing Sunshine Coast has it all! With its sunshine, endless coastline, lush rainforests and easy smiles, it’s a place where you will feel like a local from the moment you arrive.

The Sunshine Coast is rich in diversity, and that is what makes it so special. Enviably positioned, the region is tucked between Brisbane and Fraser Island – a stunning haven abounding in wonders of nature, beachside culture, fresh local food, bucket list experiences and world-class events just waiting to be explored.  From the majestic Glass House Mountains to Noosa and the coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, the region includes over 100 kilometres of pristine sandy beaches, surrounded by the quiet beauty of coastal and hinterland villages.

Feel like a local from the moment you arrive, welcomed by sun-kissed surfers to bohemian artists, with no shortage of friendly people offering easy smiles. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise they’re happy!  Come to life on the Sunshine Coast and make your story a reality.

For more information about the Sunshine Coast please visit: visitsunshinecoast.com.au



They call it the Sunshine Coast for a reason. The sunny subtropical climate is ideal for year round activities.

The average temperatures range from 13°C to 26°C.

Wine & Dine


Locally farmed, home grown and organic, the warm climate, rich soil and abundant oceans create a gourmet paradise. Eating out on the Sunshine Coast is a multicultural affair with plenty of fresh seafood, colourful tropical
fruits, excellent wines and boutique beer.

For more information on Sunshine Coast restaurant and cafés, personalised food tour itineraries and to discover a world of fresh food and produce, farmers’ markets, food festivals and award winning dining experiences, visit here


The historic Landsborough Pub is a great place to grab a meal and a refreshing drink and catch up with the locals. Boasting the ‘coldest beer on the coast’, the pub offers the entertainment, dining and gaming facilities all in the one venue.

There are several local family owned cafés on Maleny St in Landsborough, and are popular for locals and tourists alike. Some specialise in a gluten free and vegetarian

To find out more go to visitsunshinecoast.com

Entry Information

Entry Fees

XC MTB Entry Fees

Entries Open 10am AEST Thurs 29 July
One Day SpecialEarly BirdStandardFull PriceAusCycling One Day Licence Fee
EVENTOpening Day Only.Closes 8 weeks prior to the event 25/02/2024.Closes 5pm Wednesday prior to the event or when sold out.Close 30mins before
close of event registration
*Full Price entries will be made
available after close of entries on
Wed if the event is not fully subscribed
Late Full Price Entries are only accepted online.
Dirt Master Entry Fees

Dirt Master Entry Fees

Entries Open 10am AEST Thurs 29 July.
One Day SpecialEarly BirdStandardFull
EVENTOpening Day Only.Closes 8 weeks prior to the event 25/02/2024.Closes 5pm Wednesday prior to the event or when sold out.Close 30mins before
close of event registration
Dirt Master$135$190$210*$240
Mini Dirt Master$90$105$115*$160
Junior Dirt Dude$60$70$80*$105
*Late online entries will be made
available after close of entries on
Wed if the event is not fully subscribed
Any late entries are only accepted online.

Sunshine Coast MTB
Event Categories

5 Laps
3 Laps
1 lap
Athletes must be at least 15 years of age on the day of the eventAthletes must be at least 12 years of age on the day of the eventAthletes must be at least 10 years of age on the day of the event
Single Speed12-13yrs12-13yrs

*Note: Where there are less than 5 entrants in a category the Event Organisers reserve the right to amalgamate that category.



All entries are via secure online entry system provided by eWay.  Payment is by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Entries close at 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.


Important Note: All late entries are required to be completed ONLINE using phone, device or computer.

Where an event is not fully subscribed by close of entries at 5pm on Wednesday prior to the event, late online entries will be made available on Thursday morning.

Late Online Entries may be submitted after close of entries and up until half an hour before the close of event registration.

Late Online Entries incur an additional $30 administration fee.  All late entries must be completed online,  manual entries are not available at event registration. Please enter using your phone, device or computer prior to the Late Entry Close Time.

How to Submit a Late Online Entry
  • Enter & Pay Online up until half an hour before the close of registration  Enter Here
  • Bring a copy of your In2Adventure Order Email to registration.  Please note: race packs can only be collected with proof of entry.
  • Join the ‘Late Entry’ Queue at Race HQ, show your entry invoice and collect your race pack


Every effort has been made to keep entry costs to an absolute minimum, however we are keen to encourage families to be involved and we do understand that entries for a large family can add up and that entries as a student can be challenging.


If you are a family unit, and members of your family are looking at taking part, then email us at info@in2adventure.com.au PRIOR TO ENTERING with the following details:

  • Your name, telephone number & email address; and
  • The names of those in your family who will be taking part, and the events they will be entering.

We will consider each request on an individual basis and send a email in response.


If you are a student please email us at info@in2adventure.com.au PRIOR TO ENTERING with the following details:

  • Your name, telephone number & email address; and
  • A scanned copy or photo of your student identity card

We will consider each request on an individual basis and send an email in response.

Important Information about Family & Student Discounts
  • For family discounts, entries must be for members of one family unit. Groups of friends are not eligible.
  • Sending an email does not guarantee a discount. A family/student discount will be offered only at the discretion of the event managers.
  • Discounts will only be considered prior to entries being received. Discounts cannot be backdated and no refunds will be given as a result of a Family/Student Discount.
  • Family entries must be made on the same order.
  • If a discount is offered and the entry does not match the details in the email request In2Adventure reserve the right, without prior notice, to debit the difference in entry fees from the credit card listed on the entry.


Sunshine Coast MTB Festival One Day Entry Special | Thurs 29 July | 10am AEST
First 30 athletes to enter the Sunshine Coast MTB Festival on Thursday 29 July save 50% off the standard price entry.

One Day Entry Special – Important Information
Be Quick! The one-day specials sold out within the first 15mins last year and numbers are limited.

Entry Opening & Closure:
Special one day entries will open at *10am AEST and will remain open until 11:59pm on the opening day OR when all one-day special entries have been sold. When the entries are sold the entry price will revert to the Early Bird special.

Other Time Zones Outside AEST:
Those who live in a state outside of Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), please adjust the opening time for your time zone.


Can I compete using an e-bike

E-Bikes at Competitive In2Adventure Events

We have been approached to consider including an e-bike category in our competitive events.  We have considered this extensively, and spent much time discussing this with many of our participants and considering points of view expressed on numerous forums.

We listened to the opinions, both for and against with valid points on both sides of the debate.  However, after listening to our athletes we ultimately had to revert back to our core values and what In2Adventure is really about as an organisation and what we wish to aspire to, and to deliver for our athletes.

We believe that our competitive events should encourage and reflect personal achievement and that means completing in the event under your own power, driven by your own physical effort, training, determination and personal goals and sharing that experience with others around you who are racing under the same conditions and challenges.

Based on this we have made the decision to NOT permit E-Bikes in our competitive events, and as outlined in the race rules, “All bikes used in the competition must be powered by human power alone”  However, as per the details below participation e-bike events may be introduced.

This does not in any way suggest that we hate e-bikes, or judge anyone who rides one.  They fill a really great need in the mountain biking community.  For those who may be a bit older, or recovering from injury and still wish to enjoy the outdoors on a bike, e-bikes are a fantastic alternative.  We even own an e-bike which we use for course marking.

They can be a lot of fun to ride, however, with regards to a competitive event our athletes have told us, that no matter how the event or starts are structured powered bikes do have an impact on other riders who are riding under their own power, even if the powered bike rider is not competing for a win.

We do try to make every opportunity for riders to take part in our competitive events including:

  • Offering a team option where it is viable;
  • Offering many different course distances to suit all abilities; and
  • Avoiding cut off times at our events and making every effort, where it is safe and practical, to allow athletes to finish the event.

Standalone E-Bike Participation Events

Despite not permitting e-bikes in competitive events, we recognise that e-bikes do fill a place in the mountain bike community. For those who may be a bit older, or recovering from injury and still wish to enjoy the outdoors on a bike, or for those who are perhaps trying mountain biking for the first time, e-bikes can be a fantastic alternative.

In2Adventure was built on a key principle of ‘Participation’ and based on this we have made the decision that where practical, a decision may be made to host non-competitive standalone E-Bike participation events in conjunction with existing competitive events.

About In2Adventure E-Bike Events

Where an E-Bike event is hosted it will be:

  1. A standalone event: where E-Bikes do not impact riders taking part in a competitive event under their own power.
  2. A Participation Event: The event will be focused on participation. It will provide an opportunity for those e-bike riders who may not have taken part in a mountain bike event previously, or have had to move to riding an e-bike due to injury or age, to come along and be a part of the event.  Places will not be awarded, however, riders overall times will be published after the event.

How old do I have to be to race?

Minimum Age
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Can I enter after entry closure?

If after the entry closure date the event is not at capacity, ‘Late Online Entries’ will be made available. These incur and additional an additional fee and full details can be viewed here. Entries may close without notice when the event is full. When the event is sold out a notice will be posted on the event entry page.

Do I need a license to race?

No licence or club membership is require to race the Sunshine Coast MTB Festival.

Do I need a support crew?

No. Support crews are not compulsory for this event, however a support person/persons, may assist riders in the Feed Zone at Race HQ only.

We do also recommend bringing your friends and family along to cheer you on and greet you at the finish line.

Can I carry a music device?

Competitors are permitted to wear one ear piece only of personal audio equipment while racing.  The volume must be adjusted to ensure that riders can easily hear calls from officials and from other riders and ensure it is an enjoyable experience for all involved.

What equipment will I need for the event?

Full details relating to equipment can be found under the Event Details here

What if I have to withdraw from the event?

If you are unable to make the event full details are outlined in the EVENT REFUND POLICY outlining necessary actions and follow up in the case of an applicable refund or credit

Can I change or transfer my entry?

It is forbidden to participate in an event under another competitor’s name or to offer your entry to another participant. Transfer of entry to another competitor is not permitted. Details about changing entry details are outlined in the Event Refund Policy

What happens if an event is cancelled or rescheduled?

A decision to cancel or reschedule an event will not be made lightly, however our main focus is competitor safety and respect for the environment in which we operate. Sometimes situations outside of our control do result in this outcome.

  • A decision on event cancellation or rescheduling may only be made on the evening before or in the day of an event.
  • If an event is cancelled a notice will be posted on the event website and via social media.
  • Full details of applicable credits in the case of a cancellation or rescheduling can be found in the Event Refund Policy

What if I have won a prize and I can’t stay for presentations?

If you are unable to stay for prize giving you can send a stamped, self addressed registered envelope (large enough to hold your prize) to:

In 2 Adventure, PO Box 2003, Brookside Centre, Qld; within 2 weeks of the event.

Please include the following details:

  • The name & date of the event
  • Your category
  • Your Placing (ie 1st, 2nd, etc)

Your prize and medal will be posted as soon as possible, however, due to the fact that prizes are packed away in the event trailer and this sometimes has to be transported long distances there may be a wait time of up to 6 weeks.

Important Notes:

Unfortunately due to past circumstances, we are unable to allow for prizes or medals to be collected by other competitors as we are committed to ensuring that prizes are delivered to the rightful recipient. After 2 weeks following the event if prizes are unclaimed they will be returned to the prize pool for future events.

Random Draw Prizes. Only those present at the presentation ceremony will be eligible for random draw prizes.

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