6 May, 2020

In2Adventure 2020/21 Season

Firstly, we would like to send our thoughts and best wishes to all of you who have been impacted by the events of recent times. It is, and will continue to be, an immense challenge for everyone, but we know the amazing spirit of our In2Adventure community will carry us through this crisis and will mean that we will all come out the other side stronger and better than before.

We know that the future is very uncertain and in the big scheme of things, there are a lot of things that are much more important than a sporting event, such as the health and well being of everyone in our community. And the well being of the amazing nurses, ambos, doctors, healthcare workers and many others, who everyday face challenges that many of us could not even imagine and work tirelessly to ensure that we can all have the very best care available.

Our thoughts are also with our very special friends in the destinations in which we operate. The Snowy Mountains, Port Stephens, Bendigo and the Sunshine Coast, who we know are suffering significantly, especially after the bush fire crisis in January.

We know that the future is very uncertain for everyone, but we want to ensure that when the challenges have passed (and they will), that we are ready to get back to what we love to do, which is putting our hearts and souls into delivering events that hopefully, create a little bit of something positive in this world for some pretty amazing people.

Based on this, we are investing our time, effort and energy now to ensure that we’re ready for when the crisis has passed. We have developed a tentative 2020/21 calendar in anticipation that restrictions might possibly begin to ease after the six month period. We suspect that it may be longer before this happens, however we will be working hard to fully understand how to ensure that our athletes, team, volunteers and the communities in which we operate can stay safe to ensure that when an event takes place it will deliver only positive outcomes for everyone involved.

We have been spending a lot of time gathering credible information as it comes to hand, and unfortunately with the lack of clear understanding about the virus, it’s impossible to fully understand at this stage what a ‘safe’ event might look like. Currently there are so many unknowns, however, we will continue to keep up with the information available and ensure that when more is known and understood, that we will be ready to respond and get back to doing what we love.

So, based on this, we thought you might like to ‘Save the Dates’ for a very tentative 2020/21 season. Please be aware that we will not open entries until we are certain that the events will be able to go ahead safely and in line with government and industry guidelines. We will keep you updated as things progress on the website, social media and enews, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your Support

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for your support during a challenging time.  One thing that does give us hope, is that at every event we have hosted, we have had the privilege of witnessing how amazing our off-road community are.  At our events we are constantly witnessing random acts of kindness, caring for those who need a hand, and putting others before themselves…..

…When an athlete is winning their race, yet they stop to make sure someone, who they may not even know, is OK after coming off their bike,

…When you are hurting and you know the runner next to you is hurting just as much, but you can still muster the energy to give them a word of encouragement,

…When you take the time to share some tips and hints that will make a race easier for another athlete, even though they might be your competition,

…When you wait around for hours for your mate who’s taking part in his first race to finish to make sure there’s a familiar face at the finish line,

…When there’s a hug and handshake for every athlete that has pushed themselves to the limit.

We could go on for hours with a very long list, and although seemingly small, it is actions like these that mean so much, and help us to recognise that the whole can be so much more important than each individual.

Please stay safe, be kind, and keep training (not in groups of course ?) and we hopefully look forward to seeing you very soon when it’s time to get back off road doing the sports we love in the places we cherish.

All our love and best wishes

Robyn & Simon and the In2Adventure team

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Photo Credit: Courtesy In2Adventure

2020/21 Tentative Event Dates

24 Oct 2020 Sunshine Coast MTB Festival  Sunshine Coast, Qld
25 Oct 2020 Trail Run Australia Sunshine Coast  Sunshine Coast, Qld
21 Nov 2020 TreX Goldfields Bendigo, Vic
22 Nov 2020 Trail Run Australia Goldfields Bendigo, Vic
5-7 Feb 2021 Snowies MTB Festival Snowy Mtns, NSW
20 Feb 2021 TreX Snowy Mountains Snowy Mtns, NSW
21 Feb 2021 Trail Run Australia Snowy Mountains Snowy Mtns, NSW
28 March 2021 TreX Redlands Mt Cotton, Qld
29 May 2021 Trail Run Australia Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast, Qld
29-30 May 2021 LunarC XC MTB Sunshine Coast, Qld
18 Sep 2021 TreX Port Stephens Port Stephens, NSW

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