This ‘Special Parental Consent’ is provided for junior athletes who do not meet the minimum age requirements stipulated for the event but do however have the competence, experience and equipment to participate safely in the event with adults and other junior athletes who are older than themselves.

A parent/legal guardian of the participant must provide their consent for their child to participate in the event and confirm that they have read and understood this agreement prior to accepting it.

The parent/guardian accepting the agreement understands that their child is under the recommended minimum age to participate in the event and agree that their child has the necessary skills, maturity and ability to take part in the event and that the parent/guardian will be on on site at the event for the full duration of the event and take full responsibility for their child’s involvement in the event.

This Special Parental Consent must be completed and accepted by In2Adventure before any event entry can be made or will be accepted by In2Adventure.

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